Sobre el Mantel
Laminated white oak, mild steel, plastic table cloth
37.5 x 24 x 24 in.

This chair features a plastic tablecloth as upholstery material and di erent methods of fabrication as are bent lamination and welding.

“The plastic tablecloth as sympbolism deals with the concept of masking and concealing assisted by colorful and cute prints (shallow images and appearances). In the case of Venezuela, the plastic tablecloth’s purpose and synthetic quality allude to the modernist era, which in Venezuela dealt with manipulating external appearances in order to conceal hidden economic and political agendas. Moreover, the idea that the plastic tablecloth is used as a surface on which people

eat while comparing it to a nation and its overarching culture allows for the opportunity to expand on food and nourishment as a symbol of the wellbeing of a nation’s population. In Venezuela, where relatively recent and complex problems related to food scarcity and starvation are arguably tools of social control by the authoritarian government, the plastic tablecloth’s symbolism expands as an illustrator of the nation’s socioeconomic and visual culture.”

Process Images